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Ravana Aviation Vesak Illuminating Kite Show

Ravana Aviation Vesak Illuminating Kite Show
(Vesak Celebration in the Sky)

Ravana Aviation Kite Association (RAKA) in collaboration with Ravana Aviation Academy its parent organisation plans to launch for the very first time, an innovative event for Vesak which is celebrated around the world by Buddhists to commemorate the birth, death and enlightenment of Lord Buddha.

The name of this symbolic event is Ravana Aviation Vesak Illuminating Kite Show. This event will be aligned to the enlightenment preached by the Buddha, and illumine the hearts and minds of the observers, and lead them on the path of the noble truths.

This one of a kind, attractive event will be showcased during Vesak in Colombo. This event will be catalyst in bringing to light the teachings of the Lord Buddha through the words and deeds of Buddhists, and uphold the Buddhist philosophy. The revered event will be catalyst in combining the creativity of the Ravana Aviation Team, modern technology and the precepts of Buddhism.

Ways to participate in the Vesak Illuminating Kite is as follows;

Category One: The Kite itself can depict some worthy saying. It should be illuminated at night by LED bulbs or light batteries may use accordingly.

Category Two: Vesak Lanterns can be hung along the kites thread and illumined.

Category Three: A special Turbine Kite, which produces the required electricity via a small generator.

Warning: For safety purposes do not you use AC 230 current and candles to illuminate your Vesak lanterns hanging along the kites thread.

This time we plan to publish this event as an Open Competition.

Those who like to participate in the World Vesak festival celebration in the sky, please visit our web site and register as a Member of Ravana Aviation Kite Association (


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