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 The Ravana Aviation Kite Association (RAKA) was established in the year 2014 by

Capt. Harsha Koralearachchi Bsc (Def) the founder of Ravana Aviation Academy.

     As per his concept RAKA Sri Lanka was established under the theme; “KITE TO AVIATION”.


RAKA holds a mega event yearly by the name of “RAVANA AVIATION KITE AIRSHOW”. This event will create an outstanding platform for students with goals of elevating in the aviation industry. The students are given the freedom to design and create their own kites and so their creative thinking will be improved and new impressive kite designs will be introduced. Furthermore the students could be guided to communicate with the sky creatively with ease through these types of events.



Kite to aviation


Teach individuals the art of kite flying.

Highlight the importance of family culture.

Promote outdoor activities.

Promote understanding and friendship between people.

Create environmental awareness.

Promote world peace.