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Members & Benifits

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There are four types of memberships
  1. Honorable members
  2. Members
  3. Active Members (Clubs Only)

 4. Trade Members       


Benefits of the membership at RAKA

• National membership directory listing members, clubs, and stores.
• Monthly news and information emailed directly to you from the national RAKA president.
• Regional and international reports and news emailed directly to you from your district representative.
• World record tracking of achievements within the sport.
• Annual national convention with workshops, competitions, awards and flying.
• National Kite Month program to celebrate and promote kite flying.
• Competitor ranking and recognition at district, national, and international level.
• Regional and national award programs for contributions to kiting.
• Online list of hundreds of recommended flying locations with details and directions.
• District referrals to encourage information sharing, personal contact and assistance.
• Archival materials and publications.
• Safety codes, competition rules and event specifications for sport kites, kite making competition, fighter kites, and kite buggies.
• Access to member-only webpages with bylaws, meeting minutes, and financial and historical information.
• Online Kite Talk Forum where members post announcements and information, or ask for assistance.
• An RAKA district Director Familiar with kiting in your area, clubs, contacts and local concerns.
• Opportunities to serve in leadership roles locally and nationally or on policy committees.
• Free publications including rule books, event and club organizing manuals, and instructional materials.
• Educational material for teachers including Kites in the Classroom programs, reference materials, and teaching tools.
• Cooperation and coordination with kite associations and events around the world.
• Association products including clothing, patches, hats and pins.
• Friends in the field.