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Tied waves-

As kite flying is an emerging sport and in the country and the world, we can observe the sport peaking in current times. Hence the indication of the surfacing sport can be seen through the Tied Waves.

Green color-

The sport of Kite flying is very well visualized as an individual controlling a kite from an open area on a windy day.  This open area, this beautiful idealized scenery of land is indicated by the colour Green.

Light Blue color-

The freedom of the soaring kite can be seen when the vibrant colors of kites clash with the light shaded pastel sky. This is an amazing connection an aviator will be able to feel when practicing kite flying.  Hence the sky is indicated by the light Blue color.

Golden Yellow color-

The culture, the heritage and the immense history behind the art of kite flying is knowledge an aviator will only be gifted to possess. This knowledge is symbolised by the Golden Yellow color.

Dark Blue Color –

The sport of Kite flying can be deceptively difficult. Aviators must possess the intelligence of judging the wind current and also making the kite accordingly. This Intelligence is indicated by the color Dark Blue.

Red Color-

The energy and adrenaline rush that a Kite flyer feel whist controlling an object soaring in the sky is a special bond that he builds between himself and his kite. This energy is signified by the color Red.

Red Canopy and basic design of the kite-

This signifies the complexity and physics that is required to make a land bound object soar in the air. The technology is signified by this.

The Color White

The color white represents safety, purity, and perfection within the mesmerizing realm of aviation. It signifies the happiness that all aviators of all classes experience in whatever they propel in air.

The Black Kite Surfers

These figures represent all aviators from all classes who are avid followers of the field. Their solid color represents the knowledge they posses within this field denoted in white, while bearing in mind the mystery and secrets in this lifestyle.. “

RAKA Logo designed by  Capt. Harsha Govinda Koralearachchi Bsc(Def)