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RAKA President

Edited -01

The Ravana Aviation Academy has planned to make a unique and positive contribution to the nation by introducing Ravana Aviation Kite Association (RAKA) steering moto of “kite to aviation”. Beyond the basic goals, we also strive to create yet another means of educating young people and adults about art, engineering, and other cultures by creating an opportunity to sit, learn and share.

Kites, food and family are some relative pastimes that can be enjoyed from many different perspectives and the Ravana Aviation uses that forum to celebrate all diversity and to promote peace. The Ravana Aviation Kite Airshow (RAKASH) encourages unity and awareness among the different traditions that make this event more attractive.


Founder Chairman of Ravana Aviation Academy

Capt. Harsh Govinda Koralearachchi Bsc(Def)

Airline Transport Pilot Ground Instructor License Aero CAA SL No -034
Airline Transport Pilot License Ground Instructor Helicopter CAA SL No – 042
Commercial Pilot IR Aero License CAA SL No – 717